Welcome to Shu Ren International School!

Shu Ren International School believes that every day of learning is vitally important to the development of each of our students. It is not enough that our students are learning, or that they are having fun, but rather we must provide them an opportunity for a truly outstanding education. We want to make sure that most days our children come home and say “Mommy, Daddy guess what I did today?” Learning is exciting and rigorous when we make it relevant, fun, hands on, and based on intrinsic motivation from within the student. True authentic rigor in education takes place when the students’ burning desire to learn is triggered through inspiring student-centered classrooms. This is inquiry learning, and we do it in Mandarin Chinese and English creating a bilingual immersion-based environment for our students to learn. By combining inquiry learning with dual immersion instruction in Mandarin Chinese and English we believe that the students at Shu Ren will be prepared for the 21st Century.

Shu Ren’s curriculum is taught by differentiated instruction through dual immersion transdisciplinary units of inquiry with attainment and progression based on and measured by subject-based continua through which the students move independently without regard to age or grade level. To learn more about differentiated instruction, dual language immersion, inquiry transdisciplinary learning, and continua based learning goals and assessment, please review our curriculum information page.
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