Welcome to Shu Ren International School!

The foundation of Shu Ren International School’s programs include three important components: Inquiry-based learning, multilingual and internationally minded education and education of the whole child.  

Inquiry-based learning prepares our students to be passionate lifelong learners, an essential characteristic of success in the 21st century.  Our focus is to foster students’ passion for learning and to teach students how to learn.  We firmly believe that with the passion for learning and the right approach, our students are able to excel in any environment meeting future challenges with commitment and an open-mind.  

Multilingual and internationally minded education enhances our students linguistic and cultural competency to navigate an increasingly globalized world.  Our approach to multilingual education is very different from traditional textbook driven methods.  Our language learning is deeply rooted in transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary units of inquiry framed within meaningful and significant global contexts.  Our students do not simply copy words, sentences, or memorize passages from books.  They ask important questions, research them, and present their findings in Chinese, English and Spanish.  The language they learn is meaningful, useful, and transferable to real life situations.  

Finally, an education of the whole child develops the students’ character and their mental and physical toughness to meet all the unforeseeable challenges in the future.  We believe that any educational program should focus on the whole child and this philosophy is clearly reflected in the Chinese name of our school 树人 (educating a person) as well as our programs. At Shu Ren, the education of the whole child centers around the IB Learner Profile ( which are Inquirers, Thinkers, Communicators, Open-minded, Knowledgeable, Principled,  Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, and Reflective.  These are key attributes that all members of our school community strive to display.

We invite all interested families to visit our school and learn more about our philosophy and programs!