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Curriculum at Shu Ren

Instruction at Shu Ren is differentiated through centers, small group work, pull-outs and through an impressive student-teacher ratio of an average of one full time teacher for every seven students. Our average class size is 15 students per class with an average of two classroom teachers for each class. Dual immersion instruction is based on the philosophy that students learn language best through actual use and not through theoretical explicit instruction.

Students at Shu Ren learn in an immersion environment where they are supported to listen, speak, read and write in the language of instruction, be it Chinese or English. Language is learned through meaningful transdisciplinary units which combine social studies, math and science topics in a concept-driven unit of inquiry. Inquiry teaching is based on research which shows that students learn better in student-centered learning through concrete, hands-on activities which allow students to explore and refine their own language and subject area development in an authentic and enjoyable process.

Finally, students’ learning goals are individualized and assessed according to continua which measure their progress from the beginning of their learning in Kindergarten to the end of their Primary school experience in 5th grade. No matter the age or grade level of a student they are given work and learning goals according to their ability and allowed to progress through these learning goals as rapidly as they are able. We believe that students must always be challenged and extended and so these continua allow students to reach for the stars and work at grade levels above their age where appropriate.

Shu Ren International School is an authorized IB World School for the Primary Years Programme.  IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education—that we believe is important for our students.