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Mission and Core Values

Shu Ren Mission

Shu Ren International School is committed to empowering students to become internationally-minded critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Through our engaging, inquiry-based environment students reach their full academic potential and become caring, multilingual, and culturally literate global citizens.

Core Values

  • We believe that integrity and responsibility are the most important qualities of an individual.

  • We support the development of the whole child, emphasizing physical and emotional health along with academics.

  • We value knowledge, creativity, independent thinking, and a strong work ethic.

  • We strive to be open-minded, curious, compassionate, and informed about all cultures in the world. 

  • We encourage our students to work with diverse points of view.

  • We value family and community, and believe one’s behavior affects others in the world.

  • We enable our students to reflect on their learning experiences and take actions which will benefit themselves and both local and global communities.

SBA Non-Discrimination Compliance Policy

Shu Ren International School has received a loan pursuant to the Paycheck Protection Program administered by the Small Business Administration (“SBA”). This policy is intended to demonstrate good faith compliance with the regulations issued by the SBA and by other governmental agencies enforcing the laws that attach to the School due to the School’s receipt of federal financial assistance through the SBA loan. This policy shall remain in place from the time the School receives the SBA funding until the loan is paid or forgiven.

Non-discrimination, Anti-harassment, Non-retaliation

The School acknowledges its obligations to prohibit discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability/handicap, or religion in admission to its educational programs, activities, and services, and in employment opportunities. Retaliation against an individual for filing a complaint under this policy or participating in the informal or formal resolution is prohibited.

Academic and Non-Academic Services for Persons with Disabilities

The School remains committed to excellence in educational programming and acknowledges its obligation to ensure that no otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall, solely by reason of his/her disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. This includes both academic and non-academic services, such as counseling, extracurricular services, athletics, transportation, health services, recreational activities, clubs, and other activities. The School will also assess its ability to make reasonable accommodations to disabled individuals to permit such persons to participate in and enjoy the benefits of the School’s programs and activities so long as doing so does not fundamentally alter the nature of the School’s program. Individuals who seek an accommodation should contact the School’s Compliance Coordinator listed below.

Employment Obligations for Applicants and Employees with Disabilities

The School acknowledges its obligation under the SBA regulations and laws applicable to recipients of federal financial assistance to prohibit discrimination against any employee or applicant based upon his/her disability. This obligation extends to all aspects of employment, including the hiring and employment processes. The School will also assess its ability to make reasonable accommodations to disabled individuals so long as doing so does not create an undue hardship. Individuals who seek an accommodation should contact the School’s Compliance Coordinator listed below.

Facilities Access

The School acknowledges its obligation under the SBA regulations to operate its programs and activities in existing facilities so they are readily accessible to qualified individuals with disabilities. The location in facilities (or movement of classes, meetings, etc. to other facilities) will be scheduled in a manner that will not knowingly deny a student, employee, parent, or visitor with a disability the opportunity to participate on the same basis as such persons without disabilities. Accommodations may be provided to allow access to educational programming or meetings.

School Compliance Coordinator

The School identifies the following individuals to act as its Compliance Coordinator under this policy:

Jie Moore, President

Shu Ren International School’s Compliance Coordinator is the designated agent of the school with primary responsibility for coordinating non-discrimination compliance efforts. The Compliance Coordinator’s responsibilities are critical to the development, implementation, and monitoring of meaningful efforts to comply with non-discrimination legislation, regulation, and case law. In broad terms, the Compliance Coordinator oversees monitoring of school policy in relation to non-discrimination law developments; implementation of grievance procedures, including notification, investigation and disposition of complaints; provision of educational materials and training for the school community; conducting and/or coordinating investigations of complaints received pursuant to various non-discrimination regulations; ensuring a fair and neutral process for all parties; and monitoring all other aspects of the school’s non-discrimination compliance.

Complaint Procedure

SBA Statement of Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity