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Mission and Core Values

Shu Ren Mission

Shu Ren International School is committed to empowering students to become internationally-minded critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Through our engaging, inquiry-based environment students reach their full academic potential and become caring, multilingual, and culturally literate global citizens.

Shu Ren Core Values

  • We believe that integrity and responsibility are the most important qualities of an individual.

  • We support the development of the whole child, emphasizing physical and emotional health along with academics.

  • We value knowledge, creativity, independent thinking, and a strong work ethic.

  • We strive to be open-minded, curious, compassionate, and informed about all cultures in the world. 

  • We encourage our students to work with diverse points of view.

  • We value family and community, and believe one’s behavior affects others in the world.

  • We enable our students to reflect on their learning experiences and take actions which will benefit themselves and both local and global communities.