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Author Visit with Lynn Fulton

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Shu Ren welcomed author Lynn Fulton on World Book Day to talk to G1-G5 students about her book She Made a Monster - How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein. Lynn began her presentation with a slideshow showing Frankenstein had come to represent in popular culture, and explained that the original “monster’ in Shelley’s book was a very different creature. What are some differences and what are the similarities? she prompted the students. The San Francisco-based author then read aloud from the book, pointing out thematic turns along the way. The presentation ended with a Q&A session. Students wanted to know what inspired Lynn to write about Mary Shelley and Frankenstein, as well as Lynn’s journey from writer to published author. They were fascinated with what was real and what was imagined in She Made a Monster, and what Shelley’s friends Lord Byron and Percy Shelley looked like in real life. Our time with Lynn was too short! The good news is that we now have signed copies of the book in the library as well as all K-G5 classrooms, and they will be great reads for Halloween in the years to come.