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Award-winning author, Ying Compestine, visits Shu Ren

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

On Dec 17, Ying Compestine, shared with K-6 students what it takes to be a professional writer. She helped students visualize that writing a story is like building a house. You begin with the foundation, build the frame, and then furnish with details…but not too many, or your house will be cluttered and no one will want to stay inside! She also emphasized that stories are often born from personal experience. Her book, Revolution is Not a Dinner Party, was based on memories of her childhood during the Cultural Revolution in China. The students had many questions about her writing process and the time it took her to write a book. When she told the K-G2 students that she spent over ten years writing a book, they all gasped with excitement and disbelief!

It was a truly inspiring presentation that left us all thinking about the possibilities of writing our own stories someday. Keep a lookout for Ying Compestine’s books in our library and a future T.V. series that is in the works that will be based on her book Secrets of The Terra Cotta Soldier, which she wrote with her son Vinson Compestine.

​A big thank you to Sara Gavryck, PGC representative and Kindergarten parent, for organizing the author visit and to Shu Ren Education Foundation for sponsoring the event!