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The Creative Side of Play in PreK 3

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


PreK3 are starting to build friendships, so what better time to start this inquiry on Play! They are diving into experiences surrounding different types of play, learning how our behavior affects play and understanding differences in the likes and dislikes of their peers. In addition to their routine circle time and activity stations,this unit has been enriched by experiential learning as well.   Throughout the unit, PreK3 parents came to the classroom to facilitate a favorite childhood game with the kids. For some, it was their first time playing old classics such as “red light, green light,” “duck duck goose,” and “musical chairs!” Mr. Zachary, an artist from the Museum of Children’s Art came to lead a workshop on the artistic side of play. Children got to use a variety of materials to build their own project to represent what they love about play.   Next, PreK3 students got to go on their first field trip! With parent chaperones, the children went to Habitot Children’s museum to discover multiple ways of play. They returned a wonderful experience to reflect and discuss on what they enjoyed.   

 To support mathematical concepts, students did a variety of data collection, sorting and counting throughout this unit related to their likes and dislikes for certain types of play or experiences. 

As part of each until in PreK3, the children participate in Show and Tell (说说看看)and each had the opportunity to bring a special toy from home and share with their peers how they play with it.   At the end of this unit, the children played a memory game to see if the students were able to match the cards of the presenter with their special toy.