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Curious about Moon Cakes in PK2

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on Sep. 24, we decided to eat moon cakes in class. Children were looking forward to the moon cake since the week before as it had been briefly introduced at the circle time. They looked curious when I took out a moon cake from the box and unwrapped it from the package. I asked them about the shape of the moon cake, and one of them said, “circle”. I asked children if they wanted to try the moon cake, and majority of them said, “yes” with excitement. I cut the moon cake into eight pieces. We counted the total number of the pieces together. And I asked children if those moon cakes pieces were enough for us? And some of them replied, “Yes,” and some said, “No.”
After trying the moon cakes, we came back together on the carpet again and discussed if they liked it's taste or not. I prepared a chart which had both LIKE and DISLIKE sides. Four children pointed at the “LIKE” and pasted their photos on there, and we had one pointed at the “DISLIKE” and pasted her photo on the chart as well. At the end, we count each side together and also did the comparison of more vs. less.
We had fun time tasting the moon cake together, as well as sharing children’s preferences toward it through the discussion and chart.