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Early Childhood Experiential Learning

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Pre-K4 class had so much fun on their field trip to the Speer Family Farm Pumpkin Patch! The children shared a range of different experiences with their friends including playing in the bounce houses and slides, picking pumpkins and corn, petting the farm animals, and having a picnic.

Back at school, the children were very excited to recall the fun experiences they had with their friends at the Pumpkin Patch. They worked together to make a graph which listed seven different places they visited in the Pumpkin Patch. After collecting the data they figured out that the bouncy slide was the most popular place in the Pumpkin Patch! ​

After observing the pumpkins they collected, the students were curious about how they grow, their size, shape and color. In class, the children continued using their five senses to explore pumpkins through transdisciplinary  learning activities. The activities included:

  • looking inside the pumpkins and learning different parts of a pumpkin in Chinese
  • having a pumpkin volcano science experiment
  • painting pumpkins and using foam stickers to make their own little pumpkin faces
  • watching a video about the different stages of a pumpkins’ life cycle and how to describe them in Chinese

These activities inspired students to wonder, ”What can we do with pumpkin seeds?” In upcoming lessons, the children will continue their inquiry by taking seeds out of the pumpkins and exploring different ways of using them.