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Early Childhood students explore the Lunar New Year

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Pre-K children have been exploring the traditional Lunar New Year celebration through a variety of learning activities! All Pre-K classrooms have been inquiring into the Lunar New Year by listening to the traditional story books《斗年兽》,《过年啦》,《团圆》. By exploring these stories, they learned how people celebrate Lunar New Year, what kind of traditional food people eat, and what kind of lucky phrases people say to each other. The children also inquired into the Chinese zodiac animals. Through a game, they learned the Chinese names of the twelve Chinese zodiacs, while developing their creativity.

The children had a lot of fun making and tasting rice dumplings. They also enjoyed making Lunar New Year decorations. They had a go at making different lanterns that were decorated with paintings of plum blossoms. The children also learned the Chinese characters for spring couplets. After this they used a brush to trace over them. The student became communicators when they learned how to say “新年好Xing Nian Hao” and “恭喜恭喜Gong Xi, Gong Xi” as a way of expressing good wishes to their friends for the new year. Happy Lunar New Year!