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Going Further: Experiential Learning

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Relevance and experience are two cornerstones of our approach to learning at Shu Ren.  Students must be able to relate and make meaning of what they are learning in the classroom.  Experiential learning, are opportunities for students to make connections between their UOI and something or somewhere out of the classroom.   This semester, Shu Ren have been all over the Bay Area taking their learning further and having a blast at the same time.

PK3 Central Idea: Creativity develops Play​.

For their unit on Play visited the Piedmont Pumpkin Patch and the Bay Area Children’s Theater.


PK4 Central Idea: Friendship is an opportunity to better understand others and ourselves through shared experiences. 

For their unit on Friendship the students visited Speer Family Farms and Cedar Rose Park.  


Kindergarten and Grade 1 Central Idea: Sharing our cultures helps us better understand each other. 

 For their unit on Culture , visited the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology at UC Berkeley.  For this next unit on Materials, they will be exploring the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley as well as making clay at “N” Clay.  


Grade 2 and 3 Central Idea: A marketplace serves the needs and and wants of a community in many ways.

For their unit of Conflict, experienced how the mind, body and emotions connect at Yama Kids Yoga For their current unit on the Marketplace, they have visited Oakland Chinatown and also did a market comparison study at Las Montañas Supermarket, Tokyo Fish Market and Bombay Spice Market.


Grade 4 and 5 Central Idea: Learning is an adaptable process to achieve different goals.

Students went to the Tech Museum of Innovation: Body Worlds Decoded to support their unit on the brain and  Adaptive Learning. In addition, to experiences outside of the classroom, each unit is also supported by special guest speakers to give our learners the opportunity to make relevant connections to their units of study.   For this unit on adaptive learning, Grade 4/5 welcomed Caitlin Greenwell, who engaged the students about her experience with Cerebral Palsy.