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Re-Opening Plan Fall 2020

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Grade 2/3: Perspectives in Conflict

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

For our Sharing the Planet unit, we have started to look into Conflict guided by our Central Idea-Resolving Conflict is influenced by the action and interaction of all involved.  The students in Peach Garden are definitely familiar with conflict as part of their daily lives!  We started with an inquiry into what causes conflict and had a lively classroom discussion as students were able to give examples from their everyday lives.   In addition to analyzing the cause of conflict, the students also discussed the emotions involved when we have conflict with others.  The students then explored different examples to resolve conflict including Kid President and the 5 Finger Rule, among others.   As the unit progresses, the students are becoming more conscious and aware of conflicts and are now coming up with their own strategies to for conflict resolution.  Next week, we are going to take our first field trip which will extend into our investigation into the emotional side of conflict.  We will be visiting a yoga studio to better understand the emotional side of conflicts.