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Grade 3/4 Students Explore their Role in Local Government

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Students in grade 3/4 have been inquiring into types of governments and how citizens can impact the decision making of different forms of governments.  After researching different forms of governments and making connections to different topical events occurring around the world such as the impeachment trials and Hong Kong protests, students explored the ways in which they, as citizens of a local government, could have their perspectives heard and make a positive impact on their communities. 

Although students are not yet able to vote in the democratic processes of the United States Government, students learned that they are able to contact their local representatives, law makers, and share challenges and solutions they want to see changed. Students identified challenges in their communities, provided multiple legislative and practical solutions, and created proposals in the form of a presentation or letter.   Over the course of the unit, lawmakers have come to Shu Ren to listen to our young presenters voice their perspectives as they advocated to make our communities more safe and more inclusive. 

Thank you to the Mayor of Albany, Nick Pilch, who came to listen to a student's issue of hunger in Albany.  We also are grateful to John Gioia, Supervisor of Contra Costa County, who attended our student's presentation on coyotes and the  safeguarding of domestic animals in Kensington.