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Grade 4/5: All About Your Brain

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Grade 4/5, Cherry Garden, kicked off the school year inquiring into the brain and how we learn.  Students have been exploring the physiology and function of the brain through various learning activities, from songs to building 3-D models to skit performances.  They discovered their personal learning style and how school subjects connect to these multiple intelligences. 

In this unit, we had two wonderful guest speakers come to share their expertise on the central idea: learning is an adaptable process to achieve different goals. Sacha Kopin, Zoe’s mom, visited the class for a Learning Workshop. She hosted a few different activities for students to explore various ways of learning, such as practicing a dance, memorizing a new language, and viewing optical illusions. 

 Our second visitor, Caitlin Greenwell, is soon to publish a book about her experience with cerebral palsy; she shared with Cherry Garden how she has overcome challenges in her life to achieve her goals.