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Inquiry learning. Mandarin Language. And a whole lot of fun!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Our Grade 1 students are fully immersed in an inquiry into why The properties of materials influence how they are used. Throughout this unit of inquiry students explored how materials are used, how materials connect to different uses, and the types of materials and their properties. The students’ discoveries will lead them to a deeper understanding of the interactions between the natural world and human societies.

Before the holiday we caught the students exploring how different materials can be used to make paper. During this hands-on learning engagement, the students shredded recycled newspaper in a blender with water, before collaborating with their peers to create new paper on a drying screen.

In teams of three, the children explored the best method for creating new paper. This collaboration required the students to communicate in Mandarin to negotiate solutions and test ideas. It was wonderful to see how Mandarin was seamlessly integrated into this hands-on, immersive, inquiry experience!