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Light Up Your World-Festival of the Arts

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Festival of Arts is the culminating event for our Visual Arts program.  This year, we focused on the theme of light and the many ways that light can be a agent to drive creative expression.   There were themed areas which gave students and parents the opportunity to interact with light in different ways. Charcoal and chalk drawings helped you explore the different shadow effects with light.  You could write secret messages or drawings to your family and friends in our graffiti light room using glow in the dark pens and a flashlight. Or transport to another world with neon tape in a pitch black area which glowed magically with UV light.   Put on your own puppet show first by creating your own characters and telling their story behind our light curtain. Finally, peruse the artwork of all Shu Ren students above and all around the entire auditorium!