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This Month in Educational News

Monday, April 9, 2018

Mandarin Learning is a Must

“America’s Economic growth is inextricably tied to the strength of its bilateral trade and investment relationships around the world, but we will fall short of achieving our full economic potential if we fail to prepare the next generation to manage those relationships.” Communication is the key to success and as China has known for quite a while “soft power” diplomacy is a key indicator of successful relations.  A great place to start in preparing future generations for challenges and successes to come is to look at Mandarin language as both a cultural and business opportunity that will guide a student throughout their lives.

Top Ten Answers for Parents About Immersion Education

Language immersion education is still a relatively new phenomenon for families, schools, and communities all over the world.  Learning a language can provide a number of benefits and a lifetime of open doors. This article from the Center of Advanced Research on Language Acquisition at the University of Minnesota provides a wealth of answers for parents who want to learn more about the advantages of a language immersion as well as how to choose the best school for your needs.

Why Giving Feedback is Trickier Than it Seems

Giving feedback can be far more difficult than you think! This insightful article discusses various methods of providing constructive feedback to students that will promote intrinsic motivation and a path to future success.

The Lifelong Learner in Me

In honor of World Poetry Day on Wednesday March 21st, IB English Coordinator for Asameieh International School in Amman, Jordan, Faten Sehan writes a poem reflecting on the Primary Years Programme’s ability to create students who succeed and achieve over a lifetime.