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This Month in Educational News

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The IB Encourages the Soft Skills that Businesses Value

Empathy, communication, teamwork and more are coupled with the critical learner profiles of the IB to create a unique opportunity for students to succeed over the entirety of their academic and professional careers.  As students continue to learn about the world around them, they also start to find their own unique position in a globally interconnected society which will allow them to enjoy lifelong challenges and successes.

Diversity and Collaboration Are Essential Drivers for Disruptive Innovation

A love of problem solving and teamwork is essential for overcoming all sorts of obstacles from the everyday to the once in a lifetime.  One place to start is by overcoming those cultural and societal barriers that prevent true diversity from occurring within the sciences. It is by finding our place in society and continuing to overcome obstacles that allows us to be successful within seemingly difficult fields at a truly high level.

Commentary: Bring More Girls Into STEM Workforce

“Girls are the future! And we’re helping to create it!” Girl Scouts of the USA and Raytheon, a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions, are launching a national computer science program to encourage girls to pursue careers in computer science, such as cybersecurity, robotics, data science and artificial intelligence. The program serves to provide young girls with new opportunities within the academic and professional realm of STEM, while overcoming traditional social obstacles to young girls who are interested in this academic area.

More Than Just a Job: Stories of Teachers Who Deserve an A+

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, check out these awesome teachers who have gone beyond the ordinary to create educational opportunities and empower their local communities.  From local Frick Impact Academy’s Bryan Alvarez, who secured the support of huge power players to supply his students with musical instruments, to the Humanities and Arts Academy of Los Angeles’ Arinn Filer, who bridged the gap between athletic and academic achievement.