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Ms. Beutell presents at the Global Education Symposium on Social Media and Childrens Rights to Privacy

Friday, December 6, 2019

In October at the University of Illinois's Global Education Symposium, Grade 5/6 Teacher Jackie Beutell shared how she turned a social media policy analysis into a classroom lesson. Jackie's poster presentation discussed the globally popular social media app, Tik Tok, and its policy's strengths and limitations towards children's rights. While writing this analysis, she had discovered her own 4th and 5th grade students actively used Tik Tok. Responding to this as a learning opportunity, Jackie developed a mini-unit for students to discuss social media and learn about their online rights. "Parents and educators wrongly assume children in elementary school aren't yet accessing social media apps. Our schools and families need to equip children sooner not only with digital literacy, but awareness of online rights and responsibilities - especially the right to privacy. We cannot rely on global tech companies to have children's rights in mind during development. Constructive conversations with children and educating them about their rights is an urgent first step toward a complex, global issue."

This year, Grade 5/6 students will have an entire unit of inquiry exploring social media and global youth.