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MYP students get creative for charity!

Monday, December 11, 2017

MYP students led peers in a DIY tie-dye workshop to  get our community excited for the upcoming charity fundraiser where they will be selling these beautiful t-shirts. . They’ve kindly shared their DIY secrets below and are hoping that these great tips inspire you to check out these items on sale at the fundraiser for Mexico earthquake relief on November 10th and 17th from 2:30 PM-3:15 PM.


How to Make Tie-Dye Shirt


Plain white shirts (100% cotton)

One Step Tie-Dye


Apron or a smock  

Plastic tarp

Plastic bags

Rubber bands

Plastic box (small)


Step one: Research a tie-dye design.

Step two: Add water to the dye and shake until no powder is left at the bottom.

Step three: Lay out the plastic tarp.

Step four: Take the shirt and use rubber bands to make your chosen design.

Step five: Make sure the rubber bands will stay in place.

Step six: Put your tied up shirt in the plastic box and start putting dye on the shirt. Soak  the shirt in dye.

Step seven: Put the dyed shirt into one of the plastic bags and let sit for 6 to 8 hours.  You can also leave it overnight.

Step eight: Rinse out the shirt so when you ring it out the water is clear or has only a little dye in it.

Step nine: Let dry, then put it in the washing machine by itself so that it will not dye other clothes.

Step ten: Wear it and enjoy!