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Never Stop Learning

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Preparing for a pandemic was never part of the 2019-20 school year plan.  Eight weeks ago, we watched as a large part of Asia literally shut down. We reached out to our friends, families and colleagues across the region offering our support and well wishes.  Six weeks later, we realized, the virus was already at our doorstep. We were able to immediately reach out to our International Baccalaureate network of schools and our international school colleagues in China to understand what would be, our new reality.  We combed through Crisis Communication plans, Distance Learning plans, all while keeping another ear to the ground, keeping a pulse on what is happening locally.  

With campus closure announced, we sent our students home with resources and a social distance wave.  We left a day later with a sense of wonder, excitement and anxiety as to what our reality would be that first morning our Distance Learning Plan goes into effect. 

Shu Ren has moved forward with a balance of asynchronous and synchronous learning in order to bring as much flexibility to the family as possible.  Now, more than ever, are we asking parents to truly partner in facilitating their children’s education. Students wake up to a morning message on Seesaw, engage in activities at their own pace and then log in to Zoom which provides the opportunity for connection and social emotional learning.   With a week of learning in place, we are now reflecting on what has happened, surveying our teachers, students and parents to understand what is working and what we can change. Using an iterative approach and design-thinking methodology, we will continue to explore how to meet the needs of our community in an engaging and thoughtful distance learning program.  

We have always strived to deliver an exceptional education experience, and even the current situation,does not deter us from this endeavor.  We want you to know that even though our campus is closed, at Shu Ren, we never stop learning.