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New Chinese Level Reading Program

Friday, February 9, 2018

As always, Shu Ren is committed to providing a high quality Chinese curriculum. With that in mind, we are very excited to share the online program, Level Chinese which is designed to help Chinese learners become proficient readers. The program offers twenty leveled books with equivalent objectives and mastery-based assessment with detailed analytics. With the help of this program, teachers can identify student’s reading level, assign appropriate reading material, and thus provide effective instruction and support.

We recently subscribed to the program and are currently piloting it in G2 and G5/6. The students have already started taking online assessments, which will help us determine each student’s placement level for reading. After this stage, the teachers will meet monthly with a consultant from Level Chinese. The consultant will assist teachers in implementing focused lesson plans and reading strategies,  which will help students become strong independent Mandarin readers.

To learn more about this exceptional  program, visit the Level Chinese website at