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Posted on Thursday, May 28, 2020
During Shelter In Place, Pre-Kindergarten students have had the opportunity to engage their imaginations through various enrichment classes.  Here are some of their masterpieces!
Posted on Monday, May 11, 2020
  ​​ ​On Monday May 4, Grade5/6 students were invited to the Virtual PYP Exhibition hosted by the International School of the Peninsula. It was the first time we've seen a virtual PYP Exhibition ever! The presentation topics vary from Girl's Education, Climate Change, Carbon Footprint, Factory Animals to Electronic Devices and Human Health. The ISTP students showed great passion on their topics and have all created an action plan to either bring more awareness to the issue, or recommendations... Read More
Lilac Lime, inquiry primary years programme biotechnology
Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2020
      Have you ever seen a purple lime?  As a provocation to their Unit of Inquiry "Environment and Biology Shape our Identity,"  Grade 3/4 invited Dr. James Thomson, Research Geneticist at the Crop Improvement and Genetic Research Unit at the United States Department of Agriculture to talk about genetic technologies in our food plants. Dr. Thomson and his team successfully developed the Lilac lime, a normal looking green lime on the outside, with an attractive bright purple flesh on the... Read More
Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2020
​ Students in grade 3/4 have been inquiring into types of governments and how citizens can impact the decision making of different forms of governments.  After researching different forms of governments and making connections to different topical events occurring around the world such as the impeachment trials and Hong Kong protests, students explored the ways in which they, as citizens of a local government, could have their perspectives heard and make a positive impact on their communities... Read More
Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2020
In Grade 5/6, students created an inspirational video for the people of Wuhan, China, whose lives have been severely affected by the coronavirus. Students showed great empathy making this video by encouraging and supporting people in China. To connect this project with their current unit of inquiry on social media and digital citizenship, the class also used this opportunity to ‘experiment’ the power of social media, posting the video on Weibo, Youtube and Wechat. Students were very excited... Read More
Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020
​  ​ We are pleased to announce that Shu Ren has received the full 6-year accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The 6-year WASC accreditation status demonstrates our school’s capacity, commitment, and competence to support high-quality student learning and ongoing school improvement. It assures the educational community, the general public, and other organizations that we have met high standards of quality and effectiveness. The accreditation status was... Read More
Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020
  ​ A special thank you to the Parent Community Group for sponsoring our special guest author, Elizabeth Weise, an award winning journalist and author of “A Parent’s Guide to Mandarin Immersion.” Elizabeth’s book was inspired by her own journey as a parent navigating a Mandarin Immersion education for her two daughters in San Francisco. She shared with the audience the history of Mandarin immersion in the United States, how it has changed in recent years and the trajectory of immersion... Read More
Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020
​ The Pre-K children have been exploring the traditional Lunar New Year celebration through a variety of learning activities! All Pre-K classrooms have been inquiring into the Lunar New Year by listening to the traditional story books《斗年兽》,《过年啦》,《团圆》. By exploring these stories, they learned how people celebrate Lunar New Year, what kind of traditional food people eat, and what kind of lucky phrases people say to each other. The children also inquired into the Chinese zodiac animals. Through... Read More
Posted on Tuesday, January 14, 2020
​ On Dec 17, Ying Compestine, shared with K-6 students what it takes to be a professional writer. She helped students visualize that writing a story is like building a house. You begin with the foundation, build the frame, and then furnish with details…but not too many, or your house will be cluttered and no one will want to stay inside! She also emphasized that stories are often born from personal experience. Her book, Revolution is Not a Dinner Party, was based on memories of her childhood... Read More
Posted on Monday, December 9, 2019
    ​ Dare to Roll 卷起来, Chen Laoshi, Jingyi Laoshi and Tsoi Laoshi Chen Laoshi, Jingyi Laoshi and Tsoi Laoshi - We are passionate and creative teachers that love exploring new things and always try to challenge ourselves. We made paper quilling art pieces to contribute to this winter celebration! Although this is new to all of us, we really enjoyed the process of designing, creating and collaborating. We can't wait to share the joy with you! Entrepreneurship means curiosity, resilience,... Read More