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Posted on Monday, April 9, 2018
Mandarin Learning is a Must “America’s Economic growth is inextricably tied to the strength of its bilateral trade and investment relationships around the world, but we will fall short of achieving our full economic potential if we fail to prepare the next generation to manage those relationships.” Communication is the key to success and as China has known for quite a while “soft power” diplomacy is a key indicator of successful relations.  A great place to start in preparing future... Read More
Posted on Monday, April 9, 2018
Our Grade 1 students are fully immersed in an inquiry into why The properties of materials influence how they are used. Throughout this unit of inquiry students explored how materials are used, how materials connect to different uses, and the types of materials and their properties. The students’ discoveries will lead them to a deeper understanding of the interactions between the natural world and human societies. Before the holiday we caught the students exploring how different materials... Read More
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Posted on Friday, March 23, 2018
Students in grades 5, 6, and MYP embarked on a trip to China last week. During this two-week field trip, students will practice Chinese speaking skills; observe and recognize regional differences among areas in China; explore opportunities for services in local schools and communities; and to learn traveling skills. Through visits to historical site, students will have the opportunity to make real-life to classroom connections: Ancient Civilizations (Where we are in place and time) for Grade... Read More
Posted on Friday, March 23, 2018
Students participated in a ceremony with local kindergartners.  A visit to the Old City Fortress first built in the Song Dynasty.  Sightseeing in the Crouching Dragon Village (卧龙农庄), which is up in the mountains for summer retreat.   BBQ with buddy students - last activity of the trip!    
Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2018
World Book Day is an international holiday that celebrates books and reading. Our goal is to excite and engage student interests in English and Mandarin literacy. This year, we celebrated World Book Day on March 2nd with contests and activities throughout the day. Students and teachers decorated classroom doors based on their favorite books, brought in home-made food for a Read-It-To-Eat-It contest, and dressed up as their favorite book characters for a costume show and parade. At the K-8... Read More
Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2018
In celebration of World Book Day, this year students engaged in the Read It To Eat It Contest. Students used their imagination to create something edible based on a book. The submissions were really impressive! Students at Jefferson Campus voted on their favorite creation, which was a scene from Calvin and Hobbs. Congratulations to Yiling (K) and Hailin (G2)!      
Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2018
If you are new to student-led conferences, you might be thinking, “Is it possible for my child to inform me of their learning?” The answer is yes! Student-led conferences challenge the notion that children need adults to communicate who they are as learners. Although, teachers play a critical role in preparing students for conferences, the aim of this powerful reporting practice is to have children take ownership for communicating and/or demonstrating their learning journey. So, what are... Read More
Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2018
The first annual Early Childhood Chinese Immersion Forum took place at CAIS on March 17. The forum was held for educators in Chinese immersion preschool programs to network and learn from each other. Our ECE teachers Queena Laoshi, Chien Laoshi, and Que Laoshi were honored to represent the school to present the language acquisition in a Chinese immersion setting at the forum. Queena Laoshi shared how to expose Chinese to toddlers through different types of activities in their daily school... Read More
Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2018
Kindness starts with one. At Shu Ren International School our students are immersed in an educational environment that inspires kindness and responsibility. These values are woven throughout our curriculum and are viewed everyday in interactions between community members. This year we expanded this focus by identifying random acts of kindness in our community. Each week from November through to February, the students reflected on different ideas, such as “Be kind to friends.” If a random... Read More
Posted on Friday, February 9, 2018
  Chinese New Year is right around the corner, and our Pre-K children have been exploring this traditional Chinese celebration through a variety of learning activities! All Pre-K classrooms began inquiring into the Chinese New Year by listening to traditional Chinese New Year story books《斗年兽》,《过年啦》,《团圆.  By exploring these stories, they learned how people celebrate Chinese New Year, what kind of traditional food people eat, how people celebrate Chinese New Year, and what kind of lucky... Read More