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We are always looking for ways outside of the classroom to provide students a platform to flex their knowledge and skills. Our middle school students have gone on two trips to both Beijing and Shanghai, where they were able to meet with students from Chinese schools, participate in teaching activities to younger children, enjoy cultural activities such as calligraphy, and utilize their language skills to communicate with and learn from individuals in Chinese businesses, organizations, public transportation, and other daily interactions. Our homeroom classes are also working on starting a line of correspondence between Shu Ren students and students in China. 

Furthermore, the International Baccalaureate (IB) network ensures that our teachers and community have links to individuals from various cultures and destinations throughout the world.  At Shu Ren International School alone, our teachers and staff come from: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the UK, the USA, and have experience teaching and working in: Colombia, Singapore, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan, as well as the aforementioned countries. Our status as an accredited IB Primary Years Programme provides us with a wide spread international community of international schools as well as domestic IB schools that share our values, practices, and can provide valuable insight into creating and maintaining such a diverse community.  

One of the bigger endeavors that Shu Ren International School hopes to establish is a two way exchange and immersion program with Chinese students attending Shu Ren full time! This program brings a number of educational and developmental benefits to the Shu Ren community and allows us to extend our international reach to individuals and communities in China that are like-minded in our values, practices, and goals.