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PK2 Busy Bees explore the Lunar New Year through play

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Our PK2 Little Bees were busy earning and exploring about the Lunar New Year through play-based activities.  We started by introducing the festival by reading the book, Bringing in the New Year.  Next, the children were engaged through arts and crafts making a piggy tail, tangerine tree, colorful fish, and traditional Chinese hand drum. We also watched a five-minute short movie about the folktale of the 12 zodiac animals.  To expand on what the children observed, we had a mini parade--each child wearing one of the zodiac animal hats while holding their own Chinese traditional hand drums. We walked around the classroom and hallway in the spirit of Chinese New Year.

Continuing our exploration of Chinese culture, the children had the opportunity to taste some traditional Chinese New Year snacks (melon candy and sugared kumquat) which they all enjoyed! They also shared their preference of which snack they enjoyed the most by taping their photos under the pictures on the board.  Through this fun and tasty activity, the children are learning to classify, sort and do simple counting.