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PK3 Polar Bears Happy Year of the Pig

Saturday, February 16, 2019


The Chinese New Year is the perfect way to expand further on our Unit of Inquiry on Senses.  Sight, sound, taste, smell and touch were all utilized throughout our many fun activities!

We started preparing for the Lunar New Year by reading a book called "斗年兽 (fighting with the year of monster), 小年兽 (Little year of monster) and Chinese New Year”. After the stories, the children were curious about how people celebrate Lunar New Year. The friends suggested we try making dumplings and a year of pig canvas to celebrate the new year.

The children started their Lunar New Year canvas by painting red as they thought 年兽 (year of monster) doesn’t like the color as the background. They then used black paint to paint tree sticks for plum trees. As it is a very special holiday, we used a festive color, 金色 (gold) to paint the plums. The children then decided to add the pigs we made earlier amd decorate Chinese characters as 春联 with gold tape.  The children enjoyed making dumplings with June (Hannah’s mom) and loved to eat them even more!