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PK4 Curious about Customs and Traditions for the Lunar New Year

Saturday, February 16, 2019


Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival 春节 (Chūn Jié), or Lunar New Year. It is accompanied by a large array of customs and rituals. PK4 Dolphin class showed a great interest when they listened to Ancient Chinese legends about the origins of the Chinese New Year. They were curious about where the Chinese “年 (Nián )” comes from; why Chinese people like writing the LNY couplets and pasting them on their door; why they light firecrackers during the LNY; and what the New Year greeting words the Chinese people say to each other when they meet. Children enjoyed using Chinese brush and ink and presenting Chinese calligraphy for New Year’s greetings on the couplets!


The children enjoyed making Chinese lanterns through cutting and drawing. Each child also made a plum blossoms lantern; they made branches by blowing black ink, and made plum flowers by fingerprint.