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PK4 Exploring Friendship

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


The Pre-K4 Dolphin Class has completed a successful first month of school! We are very excited about having three new students joining the class. The children have a lot of fun growing their friendship with new friends in a new environment at Jefferson Campus! By learning our first UOI Friendship, children explored how they can make friends. They came up with some great ideas, including playing together, sharing, smiling, being kind, taking turns, and talking with each other. They also apply these strategies to their daily life. 

Recently we have started Going Further of the inquiry learning by having a field trip to Cedar Rose Park. Children explored shared experience as a basis for friendship through playing and having picnic with friends. On the way to Cedar Rose Park each child also mailed a letter to their friend. The letter was written by children that included a picture and words about how they felt about their friends. The field trip brought a lot of fun to everyone!