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The Power of Inquiry

Monday, November 11, 2019

Questions and curiosity are the precursor to deep inquiry.  It’s that spark that makes us wonder, investigate and take action.   As a community of learners, we want to ensure that our future generation never loses that ability to question and never loses the joy of being curious.   

As one of the Learner Profile of the International Baccalaureate, becoming an inquirer helps our children construct meaning and make sense of the world around them.   Inquiry-based learning invites children to ask questions, reflect on their experiences and learning, and then take action based on a newly gained perspective. An open-minded classroom then allows children to share those perspectives among their peers, therefore deepening their experience and understanding of multiple points of view--which is instrumental for cultivating the internationally-minded global citizens of today. 

Inquiry is the heart of Shu Ren. A recent international study of 17,000 students found that students learning math and science in an inquiry-based learning environment improved significantly in their understanding as compared to students who learned in a more traditional (teacher-centered) classroom setting.  The benefits were seen across the grades, even at the preschool level. In the Shu Ren classrooms, starting at Pre-Kindergarten, our students are taught the value of curiosity, questioning and allowed to explore and discover new depths to their inquiry.