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Pre-K Inquires into the Lunar New Year

Friday, February 9, 2018


Chinese New Year is right around the corner, and our Pre-K children have been exploring this traditional Chinese celebration through a variety of learning activities! All Pre-K classrooms began inquiring into the Chinese New Year by listening to traditional Chinese New Year story books《斗年兽》,《过年啦》,《团圆.  By exploring these stories, they learned how people celebrate Chinese New Year, what kind of traditional food people eat, how people celebrate Chinese New Year, and what kind of lucky phrases people say to each other during Chinese New Year.


The Pre-K2 children inquired the Chinese zodiac animals. They had great fun picking their favorite animal and playing the animal game while wearing their favorite animal costume. They enjoyed acting as different animals by roaring like a tiger; hopping like a bunny, barking like a dog, etc. Through the game they learned the Chinese name of the twelve Chinese zodiacs. while developing their creativity, self-confidence, and gross motor skills.


2018 is the year of the dog and to celebrate this special animal the Pre-K3 children engaged in an art project that utilized their sense of touch. To get started the students chose a picture of a dog they liked from a collection of images.  They then used cubes to cover the picture, creating a an interesting 3-D effect. Finally, the children discussed the color choices for their dog before they painted their 3-D artwork. The activity sparked curiousity and prompted students to inquire more deeply about the year of the dog. One child wondered: “为什么是狗, 不是猫? ”  (Why it’s a dog but not a cat?) They will continue to find out more about the other signs of the zodiac in the coming weeks!

The Pre-K3 children worked with their teacher to make Chinese New Year greeting phrases by gluing red and gold ribbons on the strokes of the Chinese characters.


The Pre-K4 students have shown a great interest in watching the traditional dragon and lion dance performances. Driven by their curiosity, the children worked together with their teachers to make a Chinese dragon with recycled materials and a long piece of red fabric. The children enjoyed using crepe paper to decorate the Chinese dragon and were very excited to parade with their dragon across the University Campus!

After listening to an traditional Chinese New Year story “年与夕Nian and Xi”, the children in Pre-K4 decided to write their own Chinese New Year couplets for decorating the classroom!