Shu Ren International School
Berkeley, CA
Mandarin-English Immersion
Pre-K to 8th Grade
An IB World School
Berkeley, CA
Shu Ren International School
Berkeley, CA
Mandarin-English Immersion
Pre-K to 8th Grade
An IB World School
Berkeley, CA
Shu Ren International School
Berkeley, CA
Mandarin-English Immersion
Pre-K to 8th Grade
An IB World School
Berkeley, CA

Shu Ren Summer Camp 2017

Who Is It For? Children who are interested in learning Mandarin language skills through fun, immersion-based activities and hands-on field trips. No prior Mandarin skills are needed.

Pre-K Mandarin Immersion Camp: Ages 2-5

School-Age Language and Cultural Exchange Camp: Ages 5-13 (may be divided into smaller groups depending on the number of students registered). There may be opportunities to interact with students from China as part of a mutual cultural exchange.

When? The camp will be held in four two-week sessions between June 26 – August 18.

  • Session 1: June 26 – July 7 (No camp on July 4)
  • Session 2: July 10 – July 21
  • Session 3: July 24 – August 4
  • Session 4: Aug 7 – Aug 18

Camp runs from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm, with morning care and aftercare available from 7:30am to 6:00 pm for an additional charge. Pre-K students may register for a single week rather than a two-week session.


    • Pre-K Camp: Shu Ren’s Pre-Primary campus, at 1333 University Avenue in Berkeley.
    • School Age Camp: Shu Ren’s Elementary and Middle School campus, at 2125 Jefferson Avenue in Berkeley.

In the past, students have used inquiry-based learning to explore each session’s theme such as play ball, playing colors, animals and humans for preschoolers and Science and Education, Arts, Food and Diet for K-8/school aged students.  Our camp sessions assist children in developing their Mandarin skills and to engage in exciting, hands-on activities. For School-Aged Camp, each session will incorporate at least one field trip.  Details of the planned curriculum for each session of the School-Aged camp and the Pre-K camp will be available soon; however, it is subject to change at anytime.

PreK Sessions by Theme:

Session 1: Chinese Music and Art

  • Learn Mandarin Chinese through fun and exciting Chinese songs, playing musical games and percussion instruments.
  • Learn the Chinese Chopsticks Dance and about Chinese culture and the use of chopsticks.
  • Have hands-on creative art experience through using a variety of art visual materials such as painting, clay, and drafts.
  • Participate in an experiential learning activity with a Chinese Dance School.

Session 2: Playing colors

  • Learn different colors’ names in Chinese through color based activities.
  • Explore how colors change when two primary colors are mixed.
  • Create art work with paint, markers, Chinese paint, water dye, and crayons.
  • Use food coloring to tie-dye a piece of fabric.

Session 3: Animals and Humans

  • Identify animals that live in forests, deserts, oceans, ponds, and said animals’ needs.
  • Understand the relationship between humans and pets; develop an appreciation and understanding for animals and habitat conservation.
  • Enjoy a live animal presentation and participate in the Zoo/Zoo Mobile visit.
  • Use hand prints to make an animal T-shirt.

Session 4: Water and Sand

  • Practice motor skills as they fill and empty containers through playing with  water, toy dishes, plastic cups and containers, spray bottles, plastic dolls, food coloring, funnels and other materials.
  • To make and test predictions about sinking and floating and then classify objects according to whether they sink or float through the experiments.
  • Bobble activity: Provide children with bubble blowing devices, such as straws, plastic bottles. Children will observe different-sized bubbles with each tool they use.
  • Provide a large container of sand and provide children with buckets, wheels, saltshakers, shovels, rolling pins, stamps, plastic forks and funnels. Children can listen to the sand as it pours through a funnel.
  • Make sand castles or different designs in the sand.

K-8 Sessions by Theme:

Session 1: Science and Education

Campers will learn Mandarin through the lens of scientific inquiry, beginning with the solar system.  We plan to visit the Chabot Space & Science Center to learn about our Earth in the context of other planets and the sun.  Campers can complete an in-depth guided research project using a computer to become an expert on a single planet and present these findings to others and will also participate in a collaborative project to recreate the solar system.  During the second week, campers will discover how experiments allow us to discover the world around us.  

Session 2: Arts

We plan to begin this sessionwith a visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to discover work by 20th century and present-day artists.  Campers will reflect and create their own pieces inspired by their visit. During the second week, we plan to provide campers the opportunity to visit the de Young Museum in San Francisco, one of the world’s best fine arts collections.  Facilitated group discussions will focus on specific terminology related to art.

Session 3: Sports

Throughout this session, we plan to help campers discover the fascinating world of American sports. During the first week, campers can learn about the beginnings of American football and basketball including famous teams from throughout each sport’s history.  Of course there will be opportunities for the campers to learn to play these sports as well!  For all sports during these two weeks, campers will learn about how athletes care for their bodies in order to succeed while preventing injuries.

Session 4: Food and Diet

This session will allow campers to discover the breadth of American cuisine through hands-on examples.  We plant to visit to Ardenwood Historic Farm to learn about agriculture in America dating back to 1900 and to see their active produce fields.  A possible  trip to Berkeley Bowl, an independent grocery in the area renowned for its produce section, should inspire the campers to follow various food recipes  These projects will also teach campers about the standard measuring system used in America.  Food planning and preparation will lead campers to create food diaries reflecting their understanding.

Field Trips

For K-8 students, we are hoping to schedule the following field trips (please note our PreK camp does not have field trips)

Session 1: Chabot Space & Science Center
Session 2: SF Moma or Asian Art Museum
Session 3: Oakland A’s/warriors Colosseum Tour
Session 4: Trader Joe’s Tour

Camp Fee:

  • PreK: $400 per week and $800 per two week session (8:30am – 3pm), Week of July 3rd – July 7th: $320

Extended Care Fee: $75 per week (7:30am – 8:30am, 3pm – 6pm)  for all weeks except for the week of July 3 – 7, which is $60.
Drop-in Extended Care: $14/hour (billed after usage)
Late Pick up Fee (after 6pm): $5/minute (billed after usage)

  • K-G8: Session 1, $900/session (8:30am – 3pm); Session 2 to 4, $1,000/session (8:30am – 3pm)

Extended Care Fee: $75 per week (7:30am – 8:30am, 3pm – 6pm)  for all weeks except for the week of July 3 – 7, which is $60.
Drop-in Extended Care: $14/hour (billed after usage)
Late Pick up Fee (after 6pm): $5/minute (billed after usage)

Note: We will also require some parent chaperones to accompany the students on the field trips.

PLEASE REGISTER USING THE LINK BELOW and we will email your invoice shortly.

Pre-K Camp Registration
School-Age Language and Cultural Exchange Camp Registration