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Random Acts of Kindness

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kindness starts with one.

At Shu Ren International School our students are immersed in an educational environment that inspires kindness and responsibility. These values are woven throughout our curriculum and are viewed everyday in interactions between community members.

This year we expanded this focus by identifying random acts of kindness in our community. Each week from November through to February, the students reflected on different ideas, such as “Be kind to friends.” If a random act of kindness was discovered, the students wrote the act on a chain link that was then displayed in the classroom. After fourteen weeks of collecting random acts of kindness, the classes linked their chains together at a school-wide assembly. We were thrilled to have shown over 300 acts of kindness!

This activity deepened the students understanding that kindness starts with the individual and has the power to positively influence the experience of others.