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Online and Home Resources

Here are some curated Mandarin language resources to support you at home.  These are supplemental learning opportunities that can be used at home that complement the Shu Ren Blended and Distance Learning Plans currently in place during our campus closure. 

Supporting Mandarin Language Learning Entrepreneurs

In an effort to support the Chinese Language learning community, we would like to share with with you the vendors whom we have a shared interest in developing global citizens through Mandarin language learning. We honor their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to build an internationally-minded business. 

Please consider making a purchase or subscribing to support your own home learning.    

Habbi Habbi | Reading Wand & Bilingual Books  ​​

 ​ ​ Habbi Habbi makes learning a second language easy with its Reading Wand and beautiful bilingual board books. Just turn on the Wand and tap. We also love that their book content (intentional and practical, featuring strong female role models, emotions,diverse family structures, and more).  Available in Mandarin or Spanish. Free Shipping for orders over $59.

The Chairman’s Bao

 ​ The Chairman’s Bao is the most comprehensive online news-based graded reader for teachers and students of Chinese. With 6,500+ lessons across all levels, as well as newly-released Chinese Legends and Beginner Video series, there are also lots of interactive features to promotelearning. All new lessons (4-6 daily) feature reading and listening comprehension exercises and everything is accessible through both website and mobile app. The Chairman's Bao is offering 20% of individual subscriptions.Online code: hello20


Chinese Books for Children

Chinese Books for Children is a Bay Area business whom we have partnered with for many years as they host our Chinese language Book Fair.  They are offering a 15% discount and free shipping with any order over $50 to the Shu Ren community. Check out their website re-design!

15%discount code: shuren2020.  Free shipping on orders over $50

Mandarin resources for Early Childhood (Pre-K2, Pre-K3, Pre-K4)

Here are some video resources from our Early Childhood classes 


Shapes Unit: 形状游戏 (Shapes Game)随意画圆形 (Circles Drawing)開心的形狀旅行 (Happy Shapes Travel), 形狀遊戲(I Can Make a Circle)形状之歌, 海底三角形世界 (Triangles Under the Sea)形狀探險(Shapes in the Jungle)


Songs for Review: 走吧, 我们去旅行 (Let's Go on a Trip)堆雪人 (Make A Snowman)

Natural World Unit: 春天在那里 (Where is Spring?)夏天到 (Summer is Here)数星星 (Count the Stars)早安花兒 (Good Morning  Flower)小小萤火虫 (Little Firefly)


Chinese Storyworld

All grade levels

Story:  我不要洗手 (I Don't Want to Wash my Hands)

Audio Content

Chinese Nursery Rhymes

Chinese stories by age ranges

 Audio stories read by Kindergarten teachers from Beijing (scan the QR code to begin listening) 





Mandarin resources for K-6 Learners


 IChineseReader is an online reading program used at Shu Ren to supplement Mandarin learning at home. They even have leveled readers curated for the six transdisciplinary IB themes! They offer a 14 days free trial with accessibility to all content with full functionality.  The cost of individual subscription is $7.99

Games Learn Chinese

Games are organized by topic, radicals and HSK level.  

Games 2 Learn Chinese

  This site has many resources for lower grade learners, e.g. flash cards, games and workbooks.  The focus is on recognizing individual characters.  The monthly membership fee is $7.90

Cooking Lessons with Chen Laoshi

Boba Tea

Shredded Chicken 

Marinated Cucumber Salad


Chinese History through cat animations

Cats depicting Chinese History--much better than any textbook version!   There are three versions (video, manga and audio) available to choose from: 

Video, Manga, Audiobook


Audio content

Chinese Nursery Rhymes

Stories of Traditional Chinese Festivals

Chinese stories by age ranges