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Parent Community Group

Welcome to a new school year!  For families new to Shu Ren, we extend an extra warm welcome to you. We are excited for you to experience the richness of our school’s IB Mandarin immersion program, and so happy to have you join our community. For our returning families, welcome back!  We cherish each and every one of you continuing to strengthen the foundation of the Shu Ren community.

The Parent Community Group is YOU! The PCG invites all parents (and grandparents!) to join us in growing a vibrant, active, caring parent community for the betterment of the school and ultimately, our children.

Current community members are encouraged to check out our internal website.

- PCG Volunteer — Your PCG Board has many enriching activities and events planned for the school year.  We cannot do any of it without help from the entire school community.  Please consider how you might contribute your time and talents.  We ask each family to volunteer 10 hours/year in some capacity - volunteering in the classroom, teacher appreciation events, or community activities.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!  We especially welcome new families to volunteer.  No experience is necessary and this is a great way to meet people!


Your Board Representatives

Grade 4-6: June Dudley (Eddie & Vivi Gr5)
Grade 2/3: Chance Ung (Kingsley & Isabella Gr6)
Grade 1: John Jones (Sawyer)
Grade K: Christina Yu (Sebastian & Caitlin Gr2)
PreK-4: Rishi Desai (Skyler)
PreK-2: Juanita Mo (Liam & Noah PreK4)

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