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Shu Ren teachers presenting at the 2019 National Chinese Language Conference

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

We are extremely honored to have two of our teachers, Lam Tsoi (Chinese Curriculum Coordinator and Grade 2/3 Chinese teacher) and Jingyi Zhang (Grade K/1 Chinese teacher) presenting at this year's National Chinese Language Conference, the largest annual event bringing together leaders and practitioners in the field of Chinese language and culture education.  They will join a select group of professionals to present their research and best practices that they have developed at Shu Ren.  We are very proud of our teachers who continue to set the standard for inquiry-based Mandarin immersion learning. 

The abstract of their presentations are as follows:

Title: Strengthening Chinese Language Skills in Inquiry-Based Immersion Classrooms

Description: What is inquiry-based learning? How do we enhance students’ Chinese proficiency through inquiry-based approach? What does inquiry-based learning look like in Chinese immersion classrooms? Presenters from three Chinese Immersion schools that are all within the IB framework, Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School, International School of the Peninsula, and Shu Ren International School, will discuss how they design their respective units for early years, lower elementary, upper elementary students using the inquiry cycle model. From these examples, participants will learn to integrate multiple subjects in a unit that promotes students’ curiosity as well as acquiring subject knowledge and conceptual understanding. Participants will further look at inquiry-based approach as a vehicle to foster Chinese language learning. Participant will leave the presentation with concrete strategies and examples of how to strengthen students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and will start shifting their instruction from a more traditional to an innovative fashion. 

Title: Enhancing Chinese Language and Cultural Understanding Through the Performing Arts

Description: Performing Arts has been widely used in education for developing students’ creative minds and fostering their personalities and imaginations. Studies have also indicated students who sing, dance, or act tend to have enhanced cognitive and social development and are more likely to be recognized for academic achievements. However, there has not been much emphasis on the implementation and effectiveness of the Performing Arts in the Chinese immersion classrooms. In this presentation, two IB schools, International School of the Peninsula and Shu Ren International School, will share their respective ways in which they use Performing Arts in their Chinese immersion programs. Participants will use Performing Arts as a medium to strengthen students’ oral proficiency, expression and communication skills; develop students’ appreciation for Chinese culture through literature; integrate students’ reading and writing skills; and further cultivate students to become critical thinkers who can consider from different perspectives.