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Student Voices of Democracy: Letters to the President

Monday, January 8, 2018

Imagine that you have been asked to make a list of goals for the president. What would those goals be?

That is the prompt that our primary school students received just yesterday! Students dug deep and wrote some moving messages to the President that truly reflected their hopes, fears, and engagement with the world around them!


Students focused on a number of issues such as immigration, healthcare, housing, and animal rights:

"Currently there are approximately one million immigrants are in the US. Of those one million, ninety thousand of them have either no housing or healthcare." (Grade 5)

"Please help animals" (Grade 1)

Some students asked the President to think critically: "Think about all the ideas you have, is it good for our world? Really think about it." (Grade 2)

Others wanted to hear his thoughts on current topics: "I wish you the best of luck. Please tell me your thought on climate change" (Grade 4)