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Sustainable Solutions for single-use lunch boxes

Monday, June 3, 2019

Congratulations to our hot lunch provider, Flo’s Friendly Lunches,  on the recent award for an Alameda County Innovation Grant. Shu Ren is proud to partner with Flo’s  to be the first school as part of this pilot program. 

Flo's Friendly Foods is a recipient of a $10,000 grant from Alameda County to pilot a reusable centric lunch operation at three Alameda County schools.  Single-use disposable lunch boxes, (bio)plastic side containers with lids will be replaced with reusable stainless steel lunch boxes and side containers.  

If this is successful, Flo’s Friendly Foods will implement the reuse initiative for all her schools.  This means, on an annual basis, she will:

  • prevent 19,000 pounds of waste from entering the waste stream
  • eliminate 550,000 pieces of disposable packaging that would be used once and then persist in the environment for hundreds of years

This is groundbreaking work in the food delivery industry and we are excited to be a part of this pilot program with Flo's Friendly Lunches.