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Video and Audio stories to bring Mandarin into your home (and for free!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


A common question for families interested in Mandarin immersion is,  "How do I support my child at home when I don't speak Mandarin?" 

There are, of course, online programs, extracurricular/after school programs and private tutors, however, while these may be helpful, the extra costs and time associated with more classes can be burdensome.   We recommend a more flexible and natural approach to bringing Mandarin into your home, in ways that foster connection and interest for your child. Below are two platforms, video and audio books to help jump start Mandarin in the home.  


Video is a great way to bring connect the visual with audio learning.   One Shu Ren parent shared, "We started having our children watch videos only in Mandarin from a very young age.  We limited their contact with English language cartoons and only showed them cartoons in Mandarin. Once they got older, and wanted more screen time, we had a simple rule that during the week, you can watch cartoons in Mandarin and then English on weekends.  We really feel like this was a win/win situation as we wanted to support their exposure to Mandarin at home and they were really wanting more screen time."  

Chinese Picture Books For Children

This list of curated videos contains some childhood favorites including translated versions of Eric Carle books (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? )

Chinese Fairy Tales

This list of videos are translated fairy tales from all different parts of the world. 


Super Boomi 超级小熊布迷:  This is a fantastic cartoon, made in China.  Many cartoons and books are often translated versions from western cultures, but Super Boomi is created and made in China for a global audience.  The core values exhibited through the storyline and characters are collaboration, cooperation, creativity and innovation.  

Audio Books

Concerned about screen time?  Here are curated lists of audio books which your children can listen to.  

Children's Literature collection at is a fantastic resource for audio stories and can be filtered by age.  

Need some Disney? has all the favorite Disney movies in audiobook format.  Each movie is broken down into approximately 10 minutes segments so children can listen a little at a time.   


We hope these resources can help you kickstart your Mandarin environment in your home!