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Virtual Field Trip to ISTP PYP Exhibition

Monday, May 11, 2020


​​ ​On Monday May 4, Grade5/6 students were invited to the Virtual PYP Exhibition hosted by the International School of the Peninsula. It was the first time we've seen a virtual PYP Exhibition ever! The presentation topics vary from Girl's Education, Climate Change, Carbon Footprint, Factory Animals to Electronic Devices and Human Health. The ISTP students showed great passion on their topics and have all created an action plan to either bring more awareness to the issue, or recommendations to take action. Our G5/6 students were inspired by how creatively they presented their projects and the topics they chose. It was a great opportunity to see students connecting with each other as global citizens to work together to address these issues and make the world better!  

Shu Ren Grade 5/6 have kicked off their own PYP Exhibition inquiries and will be presenting their own personal research in June!