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We are Better Together

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Our community celebrated our 4th Intercultural Festival this past October highlighting the diversity in culture of our Shu Ren and greater East Bay community.  Food, clothing, photos, books and activities were all on display with our 15 cultural villages hosted by our parent community. From New York City bagels from Zabars to pickled dishes from Slovenia, our guests were transported near and far through tastes, sounds and experiences.  Performances continued throughout the event starting with a dance of blessing over our event from Ehecatl Tonatiuh: Aztec Dancers.  Guests got up on their feet to dance with Sacha Kopin teaching Israeli dance, and then were mesmerized by the beautiful performances of Fei Tian Dancers (Chinese dance), Maya (classical Indian fusion), Cal Wushu, Sorraya Middle Eastern and Central Asia Dance, and Azaad (Bollywood).   Our students were then awarded their recognition for the Chinese Writing Contest and the event ended with our raffle and auction. We are grateful to our amazing parent community for their volunteer service showcasing our core value of global citizenship.