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Winter Market 2019: Meet our Community Entrepreneurs

Monday, December 9, 2019



Dare to Roll 卷起来, Chen Laoshi, Jingyi Laoshi and Tsoi Laoshi

Chen Laoshi, Jingyi Laoshi and Tsoi Laoshi - We are passionate and creative teachers that love exploring new things and always try to challenge ourselves. We made paper quilling art pieces to contribute to this winter celebration! Although this is new to all of us, we really enjoyed the process of designing, creating and collaborating. We can't wait to share the joy with you!

Entrepreneurship means curiosity, resilience, self-confidence and passion! We had cool ideas, why not make them real?!

Sara Gavryck-Ji

I am an artist/illustrator living Berkeley.   I am very interested in bridging the gap between cultures and people with art. I studied Chinese calligraphy and brush painting while living in China and both practices have a strong influence on my work, especially the learned connection between art-making and mindfulness. In 2018 I received the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Mentorship Award and since then have been working on several picture book projects.

Entrepreneurship is tapping into your soul, being brave, and giving the world something that is unique and compelling. 


Brandon’s Workshop

Brandon Alexander Gonzalez, born and raised in Berkeley, California is the proud owner of Brandon’s Workshop. As a current student of Shu Ren International School he aspires to use his education and save the world! He understands that in this world there are many less fortunate people struggling. It is with a huge heart and the support of his parents he uses entrepreneurship as a vehicle to give back to his community, the less fortunate, and the world. Using his artistic skills and passion for the arts, Brandon and his parents have created some goodies that are great for the holidays as gifts to co-workers, friends, family, neighbor, or just yourself!    

House of Cranes

My name is Tina Dickinson and I’m thrilled to be back at Shu Ren’s 2nd Annual Winter Market!  My daughter Zoe and I are passionate with crafting and especially working with origami paper.  We’re bringing with us some Crane Mobiles, Ninja Spinners, and other homemade goods.

Entrepreneurship means doing something that you believe and love doing.  By cultivating this for your business, it no longer feels work but rather a fun, creative outlet to life!

Baffin Art, Eva Imbsweiler

 I'm a fourth-generation teacher and a second-generation artist living in beautiful Oakland, California. My mother has a creative spirit, and I moonlight in her footsteps making paper mosaics and drawing. Baffin Art was inspired by a desire to share my love for art with my friends and family. Creating paper mosaics has become a meditative practice for me, and my art reflects my appreciation for natural scenes.

Entrepreneurship means creativity and courage!

Samantha Wong

I am a watercolorist and storyteller. I started making Chinese flashcards to be a helpful learning tool to educate and communicate with my 2 1/12 year old. These cards have been a fun refresher of my rusty Mandarin and a good introduction for my husband, who knows no Chinese.

Creating these illustrations opens the door to tell imaginative stories about my culture and me. I hope to impart a little of this magic with my customers, making learning fun and creative.

Creativity. Imagination. Learning. Opportunity. Being an entrepreneur is about seeing the world differently and translating that vision for others to be a part of it.


Habbi Habbi Reading Wand & Bilingual Books,Hanna & Anne-Louise

We are the creators of Habbi Habbi Reading Wand & Bilingual Books - the easiest way to teach kids Chinese & Spanish - without a screen! Our product combines our love of books with our deep desire to raise bilingual kids - to preserve cultural heritage and to provide opportunities for lifelong enrichment.  We joke that we’re twins from opposite coasts (H West Coast, AL East Coast), joined by our first employer (BCG) in Minneapolis (our first project), followed by China (where we both did a 1-year externship). In China, we ate, adventured, grew, and started a lifelong friendship. We returned to our respective coasts for business school (H West to GSB, AL East to HBS), and got married, where we were each other’s bridesmaids. Now, we are both mothers, co-located in California and on a new adventure as entrepreneurs building Habbi Habbi...a journey of experimentation, vulnerability, excitement, discovery, joy, and fulfillment.  

Entrepreneurship to us is an adventure ... an opportunity to live a life without regret (our friends call us 'courageous' - we just think we would regret it if we didn't try) ... a chance to make something that matters (everything we do is in service of something we'd like to see better in the world - e.g. an easier, more approachable way to learn Chinese or Spanish) ... and an expression of our own lives and family (Habbi Habbi is an expression of our effort to be intentional parents! First thing we did when we started was articulate our values, which you can see here.) 

The Spicy Spinster, Chorroth Garcia

My name is Chorroth Garcia and my Etsy store is called The Spicy Spinster, which I’m able to keep up on a seasonal basis, mainly the holiday season. I’m a busy mother of three but I still manage to take time to search for beauty and make things with my hands. I’ve been making fabric books and Christmas ornaments for the past three years with thrifted and vintage fabric. I look at different textiles, with their colors and patterns, and see them as elements and parts to a whole. I get ideas and have the impulse to create. I believe an entrepreneur is one who sees opportunity in what others may deem as refuse. I produce objects that might not otherwise have been. 

Entrepreneurship is not being satisfied with what is currently available but also having the assertiveness to produce what you may feel is missing in the world. The entrepreneur/artist makes what is relevant by being true to themselves and by manifesting their honesty in a tangible way

SilkyNest, Wendy Koegel

SilkyNest was inspired in my garden, a sanctuary for hummingbirds that nest in the bamboo. The insides of their nests are delicately lined with soft silk gathered from spider webs. These magical little birds are true artisans; their intricate work can be compared to crocheting or knitting.I love working with soft, beautiful yarns. While crocheting is very soothing, meditative and therapeutic, managing my own business is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. I feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction from creating beautiful and practical handmade products out of raw materials.Winter is my favorite season, so cozy, warm woolen things fit right in. There is much opportunity for growth in this craft, so many new stitches and patterns to learn. I hope you will join me on this new adventure and visit SilkyNest often. Follow your heart’s passion and trust that the rest will follow. Thank you for supporting local handmade!

Elah Bird Works,Leah Granger

I am primarily a fiber artist with a love of food. I have been crafting and gardening since I was a child. This year I will be offering a selection of handmade infinity scarves and apple-themed preserves. I love connecting with others through my craft - sharing joy in a texture or taste. 

 Redwood Grove's Mineral Market

Redwood Grove is the Grade 5/6 class at Shu Ren. They are currently inquiring into rocks and minerals. These budding geologists have joined together to create a Mineral Market, with mineral-themed munchies and lustrous crafts.

 "Entrepreneurship means to make a better product by using teamwork, supporting communities, and creating products you think people need or want. Supply and demand!" - Redwood Grove

Being Integrative Clinical Solutions, LLC.

Dr. Ankhesenamun Ball, is a clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy, family therapy, and educational & neuro/psychological testing

Entrepreneurship means opportunity, equity and diversity of services and services providers.